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About H2Opred

2'-O-methylation (2OM) is the most common post-transcriptional modification of RNA. It plays a crucial role in RNA splicing, RNA stability and innate immunity. Despite advances in high-throughput detection, the chemical stability of 2OM makes it difficult to detect and map in messenger RNA. Therefore, bioinformatics tools have been developed using machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify 2OM sites. These tools have made significant progress, but their performances remain unsatisfactory and need further improvement. In this study, we introduced H2Opred, a novel hybrid deep learning (HDL) model for accurately identifying 2OM sites in human RNA. Notably, this is the first application of HDL in developing four nucleotide-specific models [adenine (A2OM), cytosine (C2OM), guanine (G2OM) and uracil (U2OM)] as well as a generic model (N2OM). H2Opred incorporated both stacked 1D convolutional neural network (1D-CNN) blocks and stacked attention-based bidirectional gated recurrent unit (Bi-GRU-Att) blocks. 1D-CNN blocks learned effective feature representations from 14 conventional descriptors, while Bi-GRU-Att blocks learned feature representations from five natural language processing-based embeddings extracted from RNA sequences. H2Opred integrated these feature representations to make the final prediction. Rigorous cross-validation analysis demonstrated that H2Opred consistently outperforms conventional ML-based single-feature models on five different datasets. Moreover, the generic model of H2Opred demonstrated a remarkable performance on both training and testing datasets, significantly outperforming the existing predictor and other four nucleotide-specific H2Opred models. To enhance accessibility and usability, we have deployed a user-friendly web server for H2Opred, accessible at https://balalab-skku.org/H2Opred/. This platform will serve as an invaluable tool for accurately predicting 2OM sites within human RNA, thereby facilitating broader applications in relevant research endeavors.

H2Opred: a robust and efficient hybrid deep learning model for predicting 2'-O-methylation sites in human RNA. Brief Bioinform. (2023).
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